Genealogy, today, can be a lot more diversive and exciting than ever before, because there is a vast wealth of data that can be found, downloaded or captured from numerous sites around the Internet. The web sites can range from those that are free to use to others that require subscriptions, some of them mounting into hundreds of dollars per annum.

In fact, you may have discovered many free genealogies published about your family online that contain ancestors for whom you’ve searched high and low. You may have found others inside one or more of the commercial genealogy sites. You may even have found some of your predecessors packaged on a CD that you purchased through a genealogy related site or store on the Internet.


*** Did you realize that those sites and trees represent only a very small percentage of the available ancestory resources?
*** Did you know that some genealogical experts approximate that only 1% of all records and family histories are actually available through cyberspace?
*** Do you understand that there are professional genealogists, who can advance your research exponentially?

We invite you to explore this site. As you do, be certain to check out the  GeneaLingo page. On it, you will find links to definitions for various genealogy jargon, different types of source records available, archaic job descriptions and descriptions of archaic illnesses and diseases.

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