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Welcome to The Wyllo Tree!
(An FYI – Wyllo is pronounced willow, as in the living trees that hang their branches gracefully to the ground.)

Genealogy involves serious research, long (sometimes frustrating) hours and a lot of questing to locate hard to find records. However, with the advent of the Internet, amazing new avenues have been paved for genealogy. Yet, it still scratches only the surface of the records that are physically available.

Most family historians or genealogists are limited by what they can do with the amount of time they can spend doing research, how much money they can spend; and finally, by the resources that are actually available to them — locally, through various family members or via the Internet. That is where professional genealogy comes into play.

The professional genealogists here at The Wyllo Tree save our clients both time and money because:

– We know which documents to search and where to find them.
– We understand many types of lettering found in older handwritten documents and manuscripts; and therefore, we are able to read many documents containing such lettering. (For documents that are beyond our realm of expertise, we are not ashamed to admit it: we usually know where to have such work appraised and done.)
– We know (or make every effort to learn about) the changes in county, state and many country boundaries
– We know where to look when certain records have been lost or destroyed
– We know that something as simple as an understanding of names is very important

For instance, many people, even in Colonial times — like today, used nicknames. Were you aware that the name “Bess” is a nickname for “Elizabeth”?

Spellings of certain names (especially surnames) may differ from one generation to the next. In some cases, they may change completely!

What about translations?
The German name “Rhode” often translates to “Red” or “Rode” in English. However, there are both German and British sects of the family name, who spell it just that way… R h o d e. Translations are often useful in finding obscure relatives.

The Wyllo Tree is dedicated to providing the best services available to trace the ancestry of thousands of American families.

Not only do we make our professional services available (which are not yet live on the site), but to help our clients in their own enveador to do their research without encountering extra fees, we also provide tips for improving your search, understanding documents, handwriting and photography. So be sure to explore our website (still under construction) to learn about us, genealogy, genealogical related photography, our local and international services, and search the blog for tips and tricks that may prove to be helpful.

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